Raised features on sheet metal flat pattern?

I placed an extruded (joined) feature on the face of a flat pattern (of a sheet metal part). That feature does not appear when I do a drawing view of the flat pattern. Is that by design? My sheet metal part acutally represents cardboard, and flanges would be taped instead of welded. I'm trying to represent foam tape on the flanges in it's flat state, but I can't get them to show. Thoughts or comments? Thanks in advance,


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Brian Mears
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By "Flat Pattern", what do you mean ? The Flat Pattern FEATURE, or a flat pattern CONFIGURATION ?

To add features after a flat pattern feature, UNSUPPRESS the flat pattern, and add the feature. The feature will then be suppressed when showing the "normal", folded view.

Check to see if your feature is suppressed when you create a Flat Pattern VIEW in a drawing.

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