normal cut on cylindrical thin wall (NOT sheet metal)

I am trying to make a cut on a cylindrical thin wall such that the cut surface is normal to the cylindrical surface.

The shape of the cut is from a wrapped elipse on the cylindrical surface.

I cannot figure out a way to do this. Anyone know how??

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Off the top of my hide - try this.

Assuming you used the scribe option of the wrap feature.

Use the face inside your wrapped ellipse profile to create a surface (using offset surface at 0.00). Then insert feature - cut - thicken with surface and this will create a normal cut.

Otherwise, as you mentioned, make your part as sheet metal and cut through with normal cut checked, although sometimes this will fail - at least it will warn you when it does.

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thanks, that is the ticket.

I found and used a slightly different, (longer) way by offsetting surfaces on either side of the cyclidrical wall and built a lofted surface from the edges of those surface and made a surface cut with that surface. Your way is cleaner and I will change it to that.

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