Question about very thin metal files

I am looking for a file, with a thickness of .020. Browsing through a few catalogs I see "Riffler" and "Die Sinker" files. The shape that looks close to what I need is a "#951".

The options are "cut 0" and "cut 2". But it does not say how thick the file is. Is there a site that has detailed info regarding the physical specs of this file... or is there another type of file I should be looking at?

I am trying to square off a channel after cutting with a slitting saw. I cannot get at 90 degrees to the slot, so that is why I need a curve on the end.

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Can't you just wet grind an existing riffler down to 0.020" thick?

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Probably... but I do not know how thick it is to begin with.

How does one "wet grind"

Thanks, RB

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Riffers are wood cutting wild cat teeth.

Don't know what you need a 'file' 0.020 - I have some diamond impregnated relay contact 'files' but they are relay burnishes or the like. The metal is really flexible - and a fine coat of diamond. The silver contacts took a light pull out (like a Japan saw) to 'freshen the surface'.

Think maybe the fine plastic backed diamond paper might be it for you.

What is the function ?


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Can of water and a bench grinder. Grind, dunk, grind , dunk, grind, dunk. Dunk the piece the instant you feel heat in you fingertips. It is the same way you sharpen drill bits or lathe tool bits.

Never let the metal get hot enough to change colors.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Closest I can suggest is a screw head slotting file from Brownells(.com). Not curved, but they can be had down to 12 thou thick and cut only on the edge. about $15 each in my slightly old catalog...


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If you wish, you can purchase " V gravers from some jewelry supply houses. These gravers are of the very best tool steel. Price ea. is app. $

7.00 . You will need to purchase a handle for the graver. price app. $ 1.50 . Rio Grande Jewelers Supply would be my first choice.

You must carefully grind this graver to a thin point with the cutting edge sharpened to surgical sharpness on an india stone. The cuting edge angle needs to be at 50 to 55 degrees included angle.

With the V bottom of the graver, the point should sweep away at a gentle curve about 1/2 to 3/4 long back and up and away from the V bottom. Both edges of this curve should meet togather in another upside down V. The point looking on end should have a distince Diamond shape up and down. When grinding, the point must be kept cool to the touch and without leting the heat to be so high that a blue edge is formed and the temper is lost.

The graver is used with hand pressure and is guided by the fingers while being pushed by the palm. The graver is lightly lubricated with cuting oil.

Small bites, many small bites . Very controllable, and faster than you would think. This is how seats are cut for diamonds to be set in .


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Stewart-MacDonald sells graduated files for cutting string slots in musical instruments.



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Kelley Mascher

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