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I picked up a Walker Turner 14" bandsaw years ago and it has been a project ever since. I have done a lot of work on almost every part of the saw. I had never gotten it running but today I did and took a nice smooth quiet cut through some 3/8" steel plate. That's what I'm talkin' about ..

Anyway, this thing came without the little insert that goes in the hole in the table. It isn't too hard to figure out how to make the part that goes in there, but I'm wondering about the slot.

Many bandsaw blades are about .025" thick. How wide should the slot in the insert be? Also, I figure I'll wind up using a slitting saw to make the cut - does anyone have a good idea how to hold this part for slitting? It's a disc of steel about 2" in diameter and about 0.200" thick ..

Grant Erwin Kirkland, Washington

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Grant Erwin
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Grant, I just went out and measured my WT 16", and the slot is .30 wide. Remember that many of thes saws are used to cut close radius with the 1/4" blades and they will indeed twist.


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Every one of them that I've seen was all beat up from contour cuts anyway. Undoubtedly the easiest way to cut it would be to just use the bandsaw to cut the slot.

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Mike Graham

I am not familiar with the W/T bandsaw, but if the table tilts it will need room for the insert clearance when its tilted. Why could you not drill a hole at the innermost ppoint the blade will be, and then use the saw to make the two paralell cuts to finish off the slot.

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Roy Hauer

Tilting table - ah, yes. Good point, Roy.

I can of course do a freehand cut with a bandsaw, and of course it will work. But I want > I am not familiar with the W/T bandsaw, but if the table tilts it will

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Grant Erwin

On Mon, 21 Jul 2003 19:21:32 -0400, Mike Graham wrote something ......and in reply I say!:

I have only used a BS for wood, but I tend to agree. The thing will undoubtedly get a bing or two from a blade within a very short time. Unless you cut very thin sheet, the tolerance of the insert slot is not that critical.

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I took Mike's advice and just cut a slot in it with the saw .. it doesn't look perfect but it works just fine. Important thing is now I have a working vertical bandsaw again!


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without it!

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