Sheet Metal 3D sketch issue

Hello all,
I've been trying to create a simple sheet metal part using a 3d sketch
rather than a 2d sketch. I need it to be 3d so that I can coincide lines
with planes. Anyways, soliworks crashes when I go to create the base sheet
metal part, is this a bug?
here are my steps:
1. create new drawing
2. create 3d sketch and make a simple (3 lines) open outline (all 3 lines
are parallel to the right plane)
3. create base flange/tab
after this solidworks crashes, any ideas?
sw2004 sp3.0
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for your example, do not start with base flange instead create a thin extrude, then convert to sheetmetal.
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kenneth b
You can't extrude a 3D sketch at all (unless they added this ability in 2004). If all of your sketches are in a single plane and you can't use the constraints in a 2D sketch by itself. Try making a 2d sketch on the plane you want and convert entities from the 3d sketch.
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Corey Scheich
those minor details ... :)
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kenneth b
Yeah, it be there now... but you need to specify a direction.
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Mike J. Wilson

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