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Hello, my first post here (even if lurking for some time)

I have a problem using the sheet metal feature in Solidworks 2007.

I need to build an object made like a squared "C" (or a square box with an opening in the middle of one face, for the whole lenght), about 50x50mm extruded for 1000 mm.

This is a quick scheme:

formatting link
At both the ends, this extrusion shoud be cut at 45=B0: i need that to be made as sheet metal, since I want to unfold that and cut on CAM machine.

I create the base feature, and all the sheet metal extension ("flange", since I am using italian version of SW), but when I apply the extruded cut it just gives en error on all the sheet metal features.

Any idea on how to do that?

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create the (2x) 45 deg planes first (construction planes) sketch base flange (complete profile) extrude base flange, direction 1, up to surface, construction plane 1 extrude base flange, direction 2, up to surface, construction plane 2

hth kenneth

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It works, thanks a lot.

After posting here I achieved about the same result, by modeling my piece as a thin solid extrusion and then converting the piece (with extruded cuts) to sheet metal.

I guess the error came up when the cuts, running through the base flange, produced a 45 degrees cut on the edge: it seems that SW can simulate only sheets cut with standard guillotine shears, and has some problems with partial incisions like the ones made by a milling cutter.

Is it possible to avoid having the edges rouded automatically by the sheet metal function?

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other options besides Ken's (which was just fine):

Design as flat and insert sketched bends (cumbersome)

Design oversize, unfold, cut across bends, fold (less cumbersome than design as flat, better for design)

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Sketch the "C", use Base-Flange with Midplane option, make a cut to the other end, mirror cut. No problems here.

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Markku Lehtola

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