sheet metal shears and cutting 3mm aluminium

I have in mind to buy, possibly pre-owned to meet my budget, sheet metal shears that will cut 3mm aluminium. I'm after the type that you bolt on to a bench and it will have a fairly long handle.

I mean like:

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But, anyway, would metal shears/gullotine like the one I've indicated, enable me to cut 3mm aluminium without warping the aluminium? Could I get a straight line cut?

I'd be cutting out sheets around about 410mm x 300mm. I wonder what size of shears I'd need, I mean the length of cut.

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I have one of those at home in the workshop, and you'd be pushed to get a decent cut on anything with that sort of tool. It's really a bench shears rather than a guillotine, which is what you need, and for 3mm you need something like an Edwards foot machine, and even that might be struggling with 3mm NS4.

Can you not get the stuff pre-cut?


-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Rushden, UK

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Peter A Forbes

I'd be tempted to go for a cheap table saw with a TCT blade:

it will also cut your angle.

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