3mm aluminium sheet

Buying 3mm aluminium sheet on Ebay, looking at a particular seller, it works out at £50 per square meter. Then there is postage which is about

2/3rds the price of the sheet.

I'll actually need somerthing like a 500mm x 500mm sheet to cut out the sheet for a project I'm engaged in (which requires a 410mm x 300mm sheet).

I suppose, being as green as grass, that £50 per square meter for 3mm aluminium is cheap.

Does anyone know a supplier of 3mm aliminium sheet near the Wakefield/Huddersfield/Dewsbury area? I live in this area and If I could pick up some sheet myself, that would dramatically reduce my costs. I'm wanting 4 sheets. TIA.

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Try to find a sheet metal or light fabrication business in your area, they will easily be able to guillotine your sizes for you from eg 8' x

4' sheets if they can be persuaded it's worth their while.


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Tim Leech

If you are not requiring a particular spec then tout around your local scrap merchants. I bought a sheet of 3mm about 1000 x 600 with protective film the other day for £5 Another day 800 x 50 x 50 bms plus 25mm od x 800 bms plus 50 x 25 x 600 bms plus plus 35mm od x

200mm continuous cast iron bar plus some other pieces all £13.

Turned down some Stainless pieces as they wanted £7 I I did not really have a need. (At the time, will probably regret it )

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Richard Edwards

Cash in the boss's pocket usually works wonders....

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Here`s how to use Google. Type "aluminium" into the search box. Tick "pages from UK" Click "search" Scroll to the bottom of the results page. Click "search within results" Type "Huddersfield" into the box. Click "search" Take your pick from the hundreds of results you get.

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Where is the button for a personal recomendation from a group of people with some knowledge of the subject?


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Sounds expensive to me. Try your nearest Metal Supermarket.

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Sandy Morton

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Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

"Rich" schreef in bericht news: snipped-for-privacy@mid.individual.net...

Discarded traffic signs are 3mm alu. I use them for rear and front panels of electronic casings. Dirk

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