need help with flatten feature in solidworks


I'm trying to make a sheet metal part with 4 simple bends in it. The part is finished and now I'm trying to flatten the part so it can be manufactured. I run into problems with this. Two of the bends that were made using the sketched bend feature unfold but the two bends that I made using the edge flange feature do not unfold. Does anyone know what the problem is or how this can be fixed?

Thanks, Melissa

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Send me a copy and I will look at it.

The most common failure reason is due to a cut or something that changes the distance across an edge to make it other than the material thickness. Look at anything that crosses those edge flanges and if necessary, turn on the normal cut option.

I also advocate the use of the flatten button on the toolbar after you add each major feature. That way you know right then and there if you just added something that kills the flatten ability.


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Wayne Tiffany

Also, check your bend allowance or K factor if the problem bends aren't

90 degrees. JS
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