Basic sheet metal Edge-Flange feature problem?

I have only really just stated using the sheet metal function in SW2006
and I have been unable to get SW to follow what I woud consider to be
"basic" design intent using the Edge-Flange function.
I have an existing Edge-Flange that comes from and is perpendicular to
a flat sheet cutout whose profile represents the inside design envelope
of the open sheet box I am trying to construct that is to surround this
design envelope. This profile is only made up of straight lines.
I want this Edge-Flange feature to basically follow the edge profile of
the sheet cutout it is perpendicular to, such that the inside surface
of the Egde-Flanges are always coincident with the edges of the cutout
profile. The end edge of one Edge-Flange bcomes the start of the next
as it tries to follow the outside profie.
I am familiar with the Angle "parallel to face" function which allows
me to accurately get the right angle of the Flange-Edge, but I can not
get SW to actually BEND the flange at a spot that will make the inside
edge of the flange being created to be coincidnt (or at least with some
controllable offset) with the edge of the cutout surface.
I have tried extending the previous Edge-Flange to the corner vertex
and tried all the different flange position options but surprisingly
they didnt do the job.
I have also tried extending to previous Edge-Flange to end arbitrarily
short of the corner then trying to use the option Offset "up to
surface" (which didn't se to even work), and the "up to vertex" without
any luck.
eg. Using the offset-up to vertex option to create a 1.6mm thick flange
to follow a 70 deg bend leaves a 0.55mm offset betwen the inside face
of the flange and that of the profile if I select "material inside"
flange position and 1.05mm overlap if i select "matrial outside". I
can't even explain how that 0.55mm/1.05mm offset is being
Any help appreciated.
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If I'm understanding what you want (and given the fact that it's only 6 here and I haven't finished my coffee yet...), you should be able to uncheck the 'Use default radius' option and then choose a radius of 0. This will give you the coincidence that you're looking for.
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Jeff Mirisola
Too many words.
Plus, it's Friday.
Post a screenshot with some instructions if you can. E-mail them to me and I'll have a look.
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I think you want a Mitered Flange. This will allow you to sketch a profile of a bend or multiple bends and miter it around corners and along profiles.
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OK. Thanks for the interest. I can appreciate it was a bit wordy :P Here are some screenshots that hopefully illustrate it better.
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