Extrude Feature "From"

I created a Boss Extrude feature and used the "From>Offset" to start the
extrude. How can I control this offset distance outside of the extrude
feature properties (equation, DT, etc.)?
Also, while I am on the subject, has anyone ever got the "From>Surface" to
work? I have never had any luck with that. If I could get that to work, I
would not need to know about the offset thingy above, but would still like
to know if it is possible for future reference.
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Seth Renigar
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The Extrude From function works ok for me. It seems to have improved over previous versions where it just projected a profile onto the surface and then filled the profile rather than using a trimmed section of the selected surface.
If you're just using the extrude from offset as a distance, that works as expected, but controlling the offset distance from outside the prop mgr appears to be impossible, except maybe from the API, but I'm not sure about that. You might be better served to just use an offset plane with a dimension you can control than to try to use the shortcut of the extrude from offset.
Seth Renigar wrote:
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I have figured out a different workaround. Your workaround would probably work well also.
However, I would like to know how you get the From>Surface to work. I have tried it many times in the past and I just can't seem to get it to work if I select a face. I don't know what I am doing wrong.
From>Vertex works great. As does From>Offset. I just wish you could control the offset distance externally, like I had originally inquired about. There is just something about From>Surface that I just ain't gettin....
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Seth Renigar
Could do: Insert-surface-offset surface. Then use that surface as the "from surface" for your extrude. You can control the offset by equations, ect doing so.
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Similar to Matt's solution. But I still the From>Surface thing probably wouldn't work. Not with my hands driving anyway.
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Seth Renigar
Hey, I had the same problem and then found out that the sketch has to lie within the surface - a bit like when you're using up-to-surface on a loft or whatever. If the sketch overlaps the surface edges it doesn't work - which is stupid as teh surface has to be planar so shouldn't really matter - it's been reported though so hopefully it will get sorted.
Hope this helps
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Lee Bazalgette - factorydesign
Ahhh! That's good to know. I will pay attention to that prerequisite next time I try using it.
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Seth Renigar

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