Non-Perpindicular Extrude

In constructing basic plastic parts out of "normal" solids in drafted
plastic parts, the condition frequently ocurrs where a face in one
place needs to extrude toward another solid perpendicular to a plane,
and that plane is usually the parting line of the part.
The issue with Solidworks, is Extrude can only be done perpendicular to
the "plane" for the sketch. Why?
The typical situation is the extrusion of a round face at an angle to
the parting line with draft directly in the direction of pull to the
parting line. It is not possible to extrude from the correct shape at
the parting line to an angled circle (ellipse) with draft.
Am I all wrong on this? Or have I totally, totally missed a feature
that allows this?
Sure seems like to me that any sketch ought to be extrudable either
perpendicular to the sketch or perpendicular to some other plane. Like
what's the big deal? It is just a geometry calculation, which I am
sure that the SolidWorks programmers do all the time.
Venting a bit -- Bo
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Try sweeping along a vector?
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Jeff Howard
Like Jeff said. Create a vector (directrix) for the sketch profile (generatrix) and use sweep. Use the keep sketch normal to sketch plane option in sweep. A few extra steps, but doable.
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If I'm reading this correctly, you should be able to do this with an extrude in 05.
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Dale Dunn
All the replies are interesting, and I'll have to check them out.
Haven't loaded 2005 yet, as I haven't had the time.
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You're right Dale. The extrude dialog now has an area where you can select a vector to extrude in that direction.
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Rob Rodriguez
You can in 2004 also. It was a new feature in 2004
on the extrude dialog you will see a box under the extrude type selection. This is where you select the direction vector. Select any edge that isn't perpendicular or coincident and see what happens. If you hold your pointer over it for a second you will see it says Direction of Extrusion in the popup
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You guys are great & right...under some conditions
Indeed if you pick a solid "surface" to extrude to it works with a centerline axis picked as the vector.
However, if I just pick my "parting line" plane which is one of the 3 primary planes, it fails.
Normal extrude 'up to surface' works by extruding to a Plane or a surface. In the case of a vector extrude, I have to have an actual surface, not a plane. Constructing an "object" with a surface to extrude to is always possible, but it often takes "many" steps to delete the extra material created.
Indeed you guys have given me the clue as to why I couldn't get things to work.
Thus I hope SWks 2005 increased the functionality of the Extrude operation. Has anyone tried vector extrude to a Plane?
Many Thanks Guys - Bo
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