Starting an extrude offset from the sketch plane?

I often need to start an extrude offset from the sketch plane (say .1mm),
for sheet metal ("old fashion") purpose.
Is there a simpler way than creating a plane offset (say .1mm), then the
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Jean Marc
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There is an even better way than creating a plane.
Go ahead and sketch on the face. When you extrude your sketch, you have the option of starting your extrude offset from the sketch plane by a specified amount. It will be under the "From" box in your extrude feature.
I think this was added in SW2005.
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Seth Renigar
This option is available in 2006
Jean Marc wrote:
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well - you can use a setting in the extrude function-offset from sketch plane, in the first drop down menu in the extrude command.
That way you can sketch in the Top, Right, Front Construction planes and offset from them in the Extrude command, instead of having to incessantly creating construction plane
I am not sure if you do this already (from your question), but I find this technique helpful in keeping the history tree clean.
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Thanks everyone, we'll be upgrading to 2006 shortly (end 05- early06/06). Let's hope the last SP'06 will be as good as 2001 SP10.
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Jean Marc

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