OLE Image Paste onto Sketch Plane?

I know you can insert a picture (jpg, tif, bmp, wmf) onto a sketch plane, but how do you make an OLE image paste attach itself to the sketch plane. When I do a copy and paste from my Corel it paste beautifully, but it will not attach itself to anything. Any suggestion? I trying to do a fast product label without having to work with decals and PhotoWorks.

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snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com (Bert) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com:

Not sure what you mean by "attach itself". Are you trying to wrap or project it onto a non-planar surface? That won't work.

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Joel Moore


I would guess you want to maintain a up to date decal with this link?

Well I don't think you can do a this. If you want to apply the decal to a plane you will have for go OLE and use insert picture.

Unfortunately insert picture images become absorbed, so there is no link or link to a file like in PW.

Maybe SW Corp will read this and offer the user some value next time they work on insert picture or most likely it will be addressed because the competition is doing this?


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Paul Salvador

I think Bert means that, that if you insert a picture and then rotate the view, the picture stays face on to the screen and does not rotate.

What should happen, is that the pic should move and rotate with the surface it is inserted on and it should be able to be attached with dimensions.

-- Tony O'Hara Melbourne, Australia.

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Tony O'Hara

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