Sketch picture in drawing

Why is it not possible to show sketch pictures in drawings of part and
At present, we design a label part that shows its graphics (sketch
picture, png format). If we now do a drawing of the label, the graphics
do not show and we have to import the graphics (CorelDraw cmx format)
as an object and position it over the part.
It seems odd that if you apply a texture to a part this will show in
the drawing, so why not the sketch picture? Textures can be in jpg, bmp
or png formats, as the picture, so what is the problem with showing
them in the drawing?
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It's a workaround, but if you have PhotoWorks, turn it on and apply a decal onto the face where you want the label to show. Then display that drawing view in Shaded style - the decal will show up nice and pretty. Beats creating Extruded Text any day.
Steve O
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Unfortunately, company will not shell out for Professional/Premium so the Photoworks solution is not an option. But I must agree that sketch pictures are far quicker/less processor intensive than the extruded text option.
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