show decals in drawing

I have placed an overlay on my part using the decal feature. I would
now like to see that image on the drawing. Is there any way to do
this? I basically want to be able to see this image in my isometric
views. Normally I create a dxf from Illustrator and then add that to
the front view of my drawing, but this does not allow me to view the
text and graphics in the ISO view. Thanks in advance for the help.
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Scott, I don't know of anyway to do that. A decal does not have any geometry. And drawing views are not renderings. You should be able to show a cosmetic outline (if you make one) of the decal but not the actual image. I usually just need to show the outline for placement. So I'll make a part to represent the decal. That way I can explode it if necessary. I rely on renderings for the nice stuff. You can make an image (.bmp) and insert it into the drawing if you want.
'insert', 'object', 'create from file', then browse and find it.
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Dave Ignaczak
Point well taken about raster-based graphics (the output of most paint-type programs which produce bitmaps) of which decals are but one. As far as I can tell, drawing mode is entirely vector-based graphics (instructions to draw lines and arcs, point to point). I haven't ever heard of anyone successfully doing any OLE graphic input into Pro/e drawing mode. But, isn't there a way to take the raster image and outline "edges" of lighter/darker areas. I wish I knew more about graphics in general, but isn't there something that does raster/vector conversion. Isn't this what POV Raytrace does? Maybe that's what processing through DXF did? I know that if you google raster/vector conversion, there's a lot of places that do it. But that is what you need: a bitmapped object converted to a line drawing.
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David Janes

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