Sheet Metal Edgebreak - No Internal Corners - No Select Filter - %#^&!

Snipped from one of many ER's that try to address this problem:
I suggest a new feature to allow edgebreaks on internal corners of
sheet metal. The modeler badly needs this functionality. Instead of
a whole new function, maybe the existing edgebreak could actually be
modified to include INTERNAL corners. These are the corners on the
inside of a given profile.
(come on people. the existing edgebreak is pretty dysfucntionl as it
does not allow for internal corners to be broken).
Or even better, just implement a selection filter that only picks up
edges that are the sheet metal thickness and dispense with the whole
nightware (typo but it fits here) of zoom in - select - zoom out -
zoom in select another - zoom out - zoom in to select a third edge -
zoom out - zoom in to select a fourth edge - darn it selected a
surface - deselect the surface - select the edge - zoom out - zoom in
- select another edge - darn I picked a "non-thickness" edge - &$&^@!
i just wish the programmers at solidworks would realize that I need
to select edges that are sheetmetal-thickenss only, nothing else. Why
can't they just get it for once an impelement the filter Hmmm maybe an
enhancement request.
PLEASE implement this. It's getting really old.
Anyone else bugged by this obviously anemic feature as much as I am?
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Sean-Michael Adams
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Great idea!
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Vinodh Kumar M
sounds good
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Corey Scheich

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