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If I make a 3d.sketch, exampel cube, can I make a solid of it,
then shell, rip, and final sheetmetal?
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Anders from Sweden
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Anders Carlsson
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There are easy ways and hard ways, to put it gently
For easy ways, take a look at demo files that SolidWorks or their VARs have or the paper tutorial, it will give you inisight into the basic ways shapes are created in SolidWorks.
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You might be able to do it that way, but if all you want to do is make a sheetmetal cube, there are much, much easier ways to do this.
Read the sheetmetal documentation, or, go to the sheetmetal sectionin the Help file.
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Directly from the help file: To create a part of uniform thickness and convert it to sheet metal:
Create a block with the Base-Extrude tool. Make the block 50mm on all sides.
Shell the block to 1mm so the part is of uniform thickness. In Faces to Remove, select the faces as shown.
To bend the part, rip the block between the edges of the tabs by clicking Rip or Insert, Sheet Metal, Rip. Select the edge to rip as shown.
Convert the part to sheet metal by clicking
Insert Bends or Insert, Sheet Metal, Bends.
If you want to make a cut across a bend, drag the Rollback Bar before the Process-Bends feature in the FeatureManager design tree.
Sketch a closed profile across one of the bends.
Extrude the cut Through All.
To restore the part to the bent state, drag the rollback bar to the bottom of the FeatureManager design tree.
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Rocco, that's quite possibly the WORST way to model a sheetmetal cube. Funny that it actually came from the SW documentation. they should look over that and update it to their own new functionality.
For 2006, I would start with a square, flat sheetmetal part (Sketch a square, Base-Flange for a flat plate).
Then, perform an Edge Flange for all 4 edges (new to SW2006) at the same time.
Then, take one of the remaining edges to close the cube.
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Easy way to make a solid: eat lots of fiber.
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