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I am coming from a background in SDRC I-Deas and with that software if
you had two instances of part X and you decided you needed to make one
of the 2 X parts a different part, you use a command called "Make
Unique". You would then give the part a new name, say Y, and then
instead of having 2 X parts you would have a part X and an identical
part Y. You could then open part Y and make the chages you needed to.
Doing a Save as Copy isn't really what I want because I would then have
to remove one instance of part X and then bring in part Y and redo the
constraints, that is exactly what I am trying to avoid.
Chris W
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Chris W
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IIRC what you would do AFTER doing a "Save As" OR "Save As -> Copy" is to right-click on one of the two instances of the part and choose the "Replace" option. In earlier versions it was indeed a PIA because it would replace ALL instances of the part with the new file, but since SW2003 that was changed.
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Chris W wrote:
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Look up "Configurations" in the help file.
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