Kraton G-1650 to make sticky gel


I need some advise about Kraton G-1650. I had posted about how to make sticky gel. Some advised mention to use Kraton G-1650 added up with miniral oil. I will get the sticky gel. I'm follow the instruction but it does not sticky.

Now, I'm soluble Kraton G-1650 with Toluene after that I add miniral oil, leave it dry overnight. The apperance is transparent clear, flexible, the surface no sticky at all.

I need more advise how to process it.

Thank you Chaiyong

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Kraton G with mineral oil will have very little tack by itself because the Tg is so low. You can raise the Tg and increase the tack level by adding a "tackifier", such as Escorez 5400 from ExxonMobil.

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You can control the amount of tack by the amount of tackifier. There are plenty of other tackifiers (Goodyear, Eastman, Arizona) that do the same thing.


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