A stable permanent material that has the properties of firm Gelatine(Gelatin) ?

By using half of the proportion of water (as advised in the formula for use in a culinary setting) you can end up making a very firm slab of gelatine (Gelatin). This suits my purpose HOWEVER being as it is an organic object - in time it will become moldy and disintegrate.

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Photo shows a gelatin slab that has no color - its just gel-like, floppy but with a degree of rigidity. This is actually a synthetic gelatin plate made by a company based in the USA who use "mineral oil and polymers" that's all I know about that particular item.

* *I wondered if any of you on here might have any suggestions as to how I might make a similar material perhaps using some kind of polymer possibly "Kraton" (as used in the production of Gelatin Soap )*? * [IMG]
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