Bonding / potting PVC + Polyethylene + Polypropylene

Hi All - I hope someone here can help with some advice or point me in
the direction of a more suitable Usenet group.
I'm looking for a potting compound to seal a cable where it enters into
a machined PVC housing that is used under water (up to 10m).
The potting compound that will need to:
1) Bond well to PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene.
2) Be pour-able into a 1" x 1" x 0.75" void.
3) Not be a UV cure etc - 2 component mix preferred.
We are currently using a 2 part epoxy. This works ok but does not bond
to the polyethylene or Polypropylene every well. This results in leakage
of water into the units when the outer cable is damaged. We make these
units manually in batches of 20.
Any suggestions as to a better potting compound?
One supplier I contacted suggested that epoxy was by far the best in
terms of bonding to other plastics & that I needed a primer or bond
promoter. Unfortunately he was unable to recommend one......
Any advice gratefully received.
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Glenn B
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You need to treat (modify surface) the PP and PE with plasma or primer solution. If the surface allows it, in our case it does not and it is huge problem.
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