Need to make a flexible tube.

I need to make a short flexible coupling tube that will connect the intercooler in my car to the turbocharger intake tubing. I need an odd shape elbow the is about 3" diameter on one end and 2.5 " on the other end, all together about 5 inches long. I was considering using kevlar cloth wound over a foam mold and bonded with two part polyurethane or silicone. The construction method would be as if I was making a rigid structure out of fiberglass but since it needs to be somewhat flexible I do not know what materials to use. The maximum air temperature that the turbo spits out could be close to 300°F There will also be some oil in the air. The tube has to withstand internal pressure of up to 35 psi transient. Normal internal pressure is up to 20 psi. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Boris Mohar

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