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/little rant start/
I posted a couple of days ago, seeking companies to make a couple of parts
for us. I've gotten a few good leads, and some requests for the drawings.
However, I specifically and clearly asked that companies that were
interested in this business from us email me contact information.
Maybe it's a sore point with me, or a pet peeve or what have you, but there
have been some who replied to the newsgroup without emailing. This causes
me to have to ask the question:
[aside: to phrase this...bluntly I guess is best policy....with
no meaning of offense toward any particular person on this ng, I am just
wanting to point out something very important in the business world.]

From a buyers standpoint, if a vendor/prospective vendor does not or cannot
follow simple instructions regarding the simple matter of supply of contact
information, what confidence does this give to me, the buyer, that this
vendor can provide parts that meet the instructions and/or specifications
supplied for those parts?
Honestly, where this occurs, the prospective vendor's credibility is
dramatically reduced immediately.
Now, again, I am not trying to harp on any paticular person or group of
people, but honestly, this is the first thing that crossed my mind when I
read the posts: How can I trust these folks to make our parts, when they
can't or didn't bother to read/follow this simple instruction?
IMHO, this gives a first impression of: a) lack of attention to detail, b)
lack of professionalism, c) carelessness
I'm sure some will call this nit-picking and I'll get flamed by some for
it, but it really is not. Think about it. Sure, this is an informal
newsgroup, but the posts requesting quotes/companies were not informal,
they were serious business requests. The newsgroup is not only an informal
arena, it is also serves as a professional forum.
/end little rant/
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Did you reply to the email request(s) for more information? Pete
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Anthony wrote in news:Xns961C416D6559Cacziparle3sp835@
I agree totally Anthony.
From a vendor point of view this is a sales tool that is not disimular from a telephone. It is a means of communication and proper communication is vital to any business whether you are a vendor or client.
It can mean the job or it can mean the loss of the job.
Sometimes I wonder how some people actually stay in business anymore, when they cannot follow simple instructions.
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Bing wrote in news:1111066797.850402.3250
Yes, I have answered every one I recieved, up to now.
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We'll have to assume then that this then reflects poorly on the ability of google to pass on email. And perhaps on me for using google to reply via email to the original request. The body of your request did not contain an email address, and google hides addresses, but has a reply to author button. After responding right away, I was surprised to see you start this thread before I got a response for more information. Pete
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3t3d wrote in news:1111106600.030651.172050
Pete, I have yet to receive an email from you. Google may have screwed the address, because I have an anti-spam method in it. I have sent you an email regarding both parts to the email address in your posts.
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Anal retention is definitely a positive quality in our line of work.
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Bill Roberto
Indeed. Someone who focuses on the 'big picture' instead of carefully nitpicking the details is likely to be suddenly dodging flying bits n' pieces...
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Thomas Nulla
I agree 100% I used to put a cover instruction page on all of my employee applications. It had about 7 directions, one of which stated "do not write "see resume" on the job history area. This was because the job history section had a disclosure agreement removing past employer's of any liability from telling me a person was a drunk or whatever. It required a signiture below the companies listed granting permission etc. I would say 10-20% of the apps came back with "see resume" written across them. No matter what their experience, knowledge or whatever, I tossed those. If they can't follow simple written instructions, screw em, I ain't here to hold their hands.
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I expect people to "waste" their time because they are coming to me, asking me to pay them. I had written job plans and I expected them to read those and fill them out correctly. I had a written employee manual that I expected to them to read and follow as needed. Matter of fact, I even had the words "Men's Room" written on a placard that was on a door, and I expected them to read that too. and all employee's are odd
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