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I am new to this group and CNC machining in general. What I do is design stuff in SolidWorks. What my new boss wants me to do is take control of his new Techno- Isel router machine. It came with BobCAM/BobCAD ver 19. We mainly cut 2D profiles out of carbon fiber. My question is, is there a better CAM software out there that will work directly with SW so I don't have to translate to DXF then generate a tool path. I need to bring all files under revision control and the fewer I have between initial design and finish product the better. I am not even sure of some of the questions that I will need to ask. I appreciate your time and patience.


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Camworks - Get out your wallet, and prepare to convince your boss that your time is more valuable than his money. That or ask him for an hourly raise, and live with bobcad.

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Doron Klein

Try Surfcam, they can read SW files directly. Buy the 3 Axis version and SolidWorks PDM is included.


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I'm an advid mastercam user, but Esprit is suppose to be quite powerful might be worth checking out. Also i have never used bobcam, but it should be able to import a parasolid file or at least an iges. if not, get rid of it


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file types currently support by Bobcad: dxf, dwg, igs (iges), stp (step), sat, 3dm

The Deburr Guru.

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The Deburr Guru

Look at Pro/E. Seriously. It's not that expensive these days. If you gotta do revision contol and all that get the good stuff. Or I-DEAS. "Mid range" is all the same price now, why get something junky ? Screw EDS, I-DEAS is way better than that brainless hack UG. Hi Cliff :-)

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