pattern an edge flang feature?

I have a sheet metal part, a grill for a fridge, that has 53 fins laser cut in the flat and then bent to 45 deg. I put a cut in and then an edge flange to the approp. dims. how can I speed up the flange process? I cant pattern or copy the feature. also I have to edit the flange sketch to make the laser cut width and fillet the sketch corners after I put the feature in. I really don't want to do this 53 times if I don't have to. TIA.

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do your part the old way, thin-features, then apply sheetmetal feature

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kenneth b

Recently I had a similar task. After having the same problem (58 instances)I made the outline as you did, pattern it as you did, make it sheet metal as you did. But rather than Edge Flange. I used Sketch Bend (Pick a surface, open sketch, draw a line where you want the bend)with Tools/Sketch Tools/ Linear Step And Repeat. The step and repeat needed a dimension added afterwards to fully restrain the sketch. My form needed two bends. If both bends were in the same direction and angle they could have been done in the the same Sketch Bend. I need one bend to be opposite. So, I needed two Sketch Bends.

Rebuilds take a long time. But it works.

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