Dragging Features

If I drag a feature to the end of the Feature manager (reordering it)
How come when I "Edit Sketch" all the features "gray out" and I'm back to
the original position when the feature was created?
This is a surface revolve feature.
What am I doing wrong here is there a simple "work around"?
what a drag....
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Jacob Filek
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Because the sketch predates all those features.
Jim S.
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Jim Sculley
"Jacob Filek" wrote in news:Ddxrc.1426$o97.981 @nwrddc01.gnilink.net:
Yeah, this is kind of a hosed up part of the software, and more than a little confusing, although it's a lot better than it used to be. If you drag a feature from the top to the bottom, and there are no relations from later sketches to the sketch, then when you edit it, it works like its at the bottom of the tree, If there are relations to the sketch (meaning something after the sketch makes a relation or dimension to it), then the feature moves to the bottom, but the sketch really stays at the top.
It's an easy experiment. You can make a block with a cut, and then copy the cut several times (ctrl drag). There are no relations between the cut sketches, so you can reorder with impunity, and when you edit the sketch, everything above it will remain active. But, if you go to the second cut sketch and make a dim that goes to the first cut sketch, and then reorder the first cut and edit the sketch, all the cuts will be grayed out. You could check the parent/child list for the sketch to see what is dependent on what.
It becomes a little more complicated if you're trying to reorder sketches used in a loft or sweep (multi-sketch features). SW will tell you that you can't reorder sketches that are absorbed into other features. When SW creates the loft or sweep, it reorders the sketches Profile, Path, GC, GC, etc. If you expand the sweep so you can see all the sketches and put the rollback bar between the feature and the first sketch, it will temporarily unabsorb the sketches and show them in their original order. I still don't think it allows you to reorder them then.
Anyway, I hope this helps a little rather than just confuse you more.
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"take the garbage out, dear"
To add to what Jim and Matt said, there is also a minor bug that I've seen when moving features and/or sketches around. Some times when I move a sketch or feature just above where I want it to be so that I can get access to the sketch in the feature below, it will still be greyed out when I open the target feature. If I move it two or three features up, it will become available. Then I can move it down to just above the target. Fortunately, I haven't yet run into the situation where I can't move it a couple of more features up due to another dependency.
Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems
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Jerry Steiger
Sometimes I'll have a sketch that I want to move up the tree, and it won't move because of external references. So, I edit the sketch, delete all relationships, and close. Then, I move it up the tree, re-edit and re-establish new relationships to define the sketch. Best Regards, Devon T. Sowell
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Devon T. Sowell
Me too.
One tip, particularly handy if there are lots of relations: Choose "External" from the scrolling box before deleting, in order that internal relations (dimensions between elements of that sketch, horizontal, parallel etc) are retained and do not need to be re-established.
No doubt Devon knows this, but others might overlook this option.
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Andrew Troup

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