Problem with density: I have custom property for Density. But the SWX does not save the value. I need every time to go to "Mass properies" To read the density.


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Danny S.
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Have you saved it in your Template?

Have you tried making a custom Material and adding the density in that custom material. Then you can add the Material to the file and the density will be there everytime.

Regards, Scott

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Tool for changing density. Works on multiple components in an assembly as well as on parts. Entry form has multiple unit settings including cgs, mks, lb/in^3, and SG.

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The link to the macro (as opposed to the add-in) is currently broken, but you can get it from

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I mailed the web administrator, so hopefully it will get fixed

It's great that people take the time and trouble to share stuff like this around, and this ng seems to have more of that altruistic spirit than almost any other.

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Andrew Troup

Thanks for the heads-up, Andrew.

It seems to be trouble with the PHP engine. PHP pages are not scripting properly.

I'm a bit peeved. I chose Yahoo small business for web hosting because I had good experience with Yahoo for personal domain service. Service has been spotty, with downloads getting cut off, domain issues, and now this. Grrr!

That would be me.

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