How can I change the way dimensions are displayed?

Solidworks allows me to display a hole dimension as follows:
45.00 H11 +0.16/-0.00 where the basic dimension is 45mm, the class of fit
is H11, resulting in an upper deviation of +0.16mm and a lower deviation of
I don't particularly wish to display the "upper and lower deviation" but
would prefer to display the "limits of size" i.e.
45H11 45.16/45.00.
Using the upper and lower deviation requires a machinist to make a
calculation before he can start to machine. This can introduce an error
every time the drawing is used .
If however the limits of size are displayed then the machinist instantly
knows the maximum material condition so he can target his first trial cut
without calculation.
Does Solidworks have enough flexibility to alter the dimension style to my
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Dal Wagner
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Do you need to display the fit? What I sometimes do is specify a fit with the tolerance only, then switch to the limit tolerance. The tolerances are kept, and applied to the limit. You shouldn't need to specify the nominal along with the limits, and the machinists probably couldn't care less what the nominal is or the tolerance class. They just need the limits.
Now then, if your style or drawing spec. requires the tolerance class be shown, you could type it in.
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Dale Dunn
You can type in the information you want manually and turn off tolerance display.
SolidWorks will display limit dimensions like:
45.16 45.00
but there is little that can be done to customize the formatting if it falls outside a recognized standard.
Dal Wagner wrote:
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