Pattern sheet metal bends?

I have sheet metal part with a cutout that contains a two bends. How do I pattern the cutout feature and bends? I've tried both linear & sketch pattern and neither function allows me to pattern the bends with the cutout. Any helps is appreciated.


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Sheetmetal Bends cannot be patterned.

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remy martin

Create a lance tool (sheetmetal) to do this.

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remy martin

Sometimes you can achieve the desired result by patterning the cutout followed by a separate pattern of the bend feature. For some reason, doing both the cutout and bend in the same pattern is not allowed.

I should also explain that not all cases are the same and this approach might not work either. I can provide an answer specific to your problem if I can see the part in question.

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John Eric Voltin

Hi BB-

If you are using base-flange, then you cannot generally pattern your sheet metal specific features.

But if you are using insert-bends, you can accomplish this with ease by patterning "pre-bend" insertion (roll back before sheet metal). Additionally, if your pattern is linear and all the resulting bend panels are planar, you could combine them into a single sketch yielding multiple bends.

Regardless, you may not pattern any sheet-metal specific feature in either modeling mode. Personally, I prefer the insert-bends mode for the more open modeling techniques. The base-flange is a bit weak and there are some techniques that are prohibited. Much like boxing with one hand tied behind your back.

If you can post a model, maybe we all could give some advice.

In any case, best wishes.


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Sean-Michael Adams

You can pattern the sheetmetal bend without any problems. Make your cut out first and pattern it. Then create your flange and pattern it seperately. I do this all the time and works quite well.


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Richard Charney

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