sheet metal bends

Hi all. Thanks for any help coming...because I need it.
I'm making a sheet metal part. It has two parallel bends going the
opposite directions, so if you looked at it from the side, it looks
like a Z. (Two bends are actually at 45 degrees...stretched Z.)
I can't use jog bend - it totally changes the part. The flat pattern
gets those little jog tabs and we don't want those in our parts.
So, I'm trying to do it with two bend. Parallel lines, opposite bend
After completing the first bend, I draw my second bend line on the
bent do I choose the first bend line to distance my second
line? I'm rolling my cursor over it and it's pretty hard to tell what
line is what...lots of stuff highlights.
I've managed to make the Z bent part, but I really can't tell how far
apart the bends are because of the above issue.
AND, the bend lines won't print. The bend notes will (checked flat
pattern box, down-menued to what appears to be my flat
configuration...) and the bend notes do print, but not the lines.
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I find Z-shaped parts work better if they are not started as sheet metal. It's easier to control the profile w/ conventional geometry. A layout sketch also helps before making solid geometry.
Model the part conventionally, then convert to sheet metal using "Insert --> Sheet Metal --> Bends". Part will convert to sheet metal if it is uniform thickness. Sharp corners will take on default radius.
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