sheet metal bend order

I'm curious to see if anyone has any light to shed on the Bend Order
functions in SW sheet metal? Appears to be a useless property in both
the new and old sheet metal methods. Any clues?
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I have never known that I needed nor desired to do that. I would also be interested in hearing about a reason to do it.
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Wayne Tiffany
i always thought it was tied to how the part unfolds. it might be beneficial if animator could tie into bend order and simulate the folding and unfolding process. kind of like the way exploded views are auto-magically animated.
to add insult to injury, when using the "Reorder Bends" function (rmb flat-pattern), it does not update the bend order property of the individual bends' feature.
also, when editing an individual bend feature, no information is given in help about this particular bend order property. i guess it's assumed that Bend Reorder and Bend Order are the same.
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In days gone by using the "old" sheet metal functionality, it used to give you a warning if the part intersected itself during folding operations due to bend order, and you could mess with the order to get the warning message to go away, but other than that, I haven't found anything.
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