Floating Forms - Sheet Metal

I'm curious to see if anyone using the sheet metal module has found a
way to keep half-shears or locator forms in place after a flat state
has been created. If this sounds confussing, I'm basically adding a
"locator button" form to a wall, then when the flat state of the part
is created, the inner part of the "button" floats in space and doesn't
unfold with the rest of the part.
Any ideas?
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How do you add the half-shears? (Using WF2) I use the sheet metal module and frequently include half-shears which remain where they should in the un-folded form. I create the half-shears by Insert > Shape > Form > Punch and then use a small cylinder of the required diameter, pre-prepared and living in my library folder of punches, as the punch. Hope this helps...
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