Sheet metal bend lines on drawing but no notes?


I am working on a drawing that has a flat sheet metal pattern on it with the bend lines showing but no bend line notes (eg. fold up 90deg). I have dimensioned up the rest of he drawing but am looking for a way to activate/view the bend notes without upsetting/repeating any of the dimensioning I have already done on the drawing.

I tried searching for a solution for his but what I found didn't work.

"View menu, hide/show annotations, the note shows grey, left click on it and press esc".

Thanks in advance


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I believe you can only do that to sheet metal views created with SW2006. any created prior you need to regenerate before it'll allow you to select the tick box for show bend notes. I believe this is the case from memory as i did it once before and noticed this. I may be wrong so take this iwth a grain of salt. Others may be able to verify.

Cheers, DWH

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created prior you need to

I believe this is the

take this iwth a grain of

I am using SW2006 and have found where to enable/show the bend notes. In the drawing feature tree right click the view, Properties and there is a check box to enable the text at the bottom right of the window. Cheers Bull

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