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OK, so heres a scripting problem I have ...

When I make an assembly that includes sheetmetal parts, I have a bunch of scripts that I run that check things like bend radii (which SW gets badly worng by default[1]), checks the associated drawings contain a 'flat panel' view .. check its 1:1 and then save it as a .dxf for the nesting software to pick up and send to the laser ... so far, so good.

Now, the nesting software likes the .dxf to either: contain just the outline, or the outline on a seperate layer called 'CUT' ... from within solidworks I can do font properties -> uncheck 'use drawing defaults' select 'visible edges', set layer to 'CUT' ... no problemo. But I sometimes forget ... so I prefer to script it.

Ive tried recording it as a macro as I perform this sequence and essentially, theres nothing there ... just how do you do this from the API?? its obviously do-able, but how I don't know. ??

clues appreciated.

[1] solidowrks by default, and if you read the docs which also misunderstand modern bending, assumes the bend radius is equal to the tool tip radius ... which is badly wrong. The commonest form of bending is 'air bending' where the material never touches the bottom of the V, but simply bends between the edges of the V and the tool tip ... the v should be between 6 and 10 times the material thickness wife, the bend radius will always be (V width)/8 .. or near as dammit, the material thickness ... the K factor is typically around 0.4 .. I throw in this snippet of useless info as a teaser to hope i get a reply to my question :)
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Ha! .. so further searching in the API docs reveals its DrawingComponent.Layer = "CUT" ...DOH .. right under my very nose ...

ta anyway :)

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