help with un-deletable sketch on a drawing please


I have a problem that is really bugging me.

I created a drawing from a part in the usual way.

Before I put any drawing views on, I added a sketch (a rectangle) to the sheet. The customer wanted a box to put a rubber stamp onto on a print of the drawing. I dimensioned the box and hid the dimensions, then positioned the box suitably.

I then added views and dimensions etc etc.

Then I did a save as to PDF and DXF as that's what my customer uses.

The box then moved position and changed size (size due to scaling I guess).

But I cannot under any way delete this box or mess with it in any way.

I was able to right click on the hidden dimensions, and see they were dimensioning sketch1.

Of course, I can find no sketch1 (that isn't part of a drawing view) in the manager tree.


I don't want to start over the whole drawing to bin this irritating box. (I've subsequently added a box to the sheet format but need this erroneous one gone)

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Did you put the box on the sheet format? RMB in an open area and edit sheet format.

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It's hard to say without seeing your drawing; however, let me assume that the sketch was placed first on the empty sheet (not in edit sheet mode).

If you then surrounded the sketch with a number of adjacent views, due to the cursor selection hierarchy, your mouse will default to picking a view. So, if the sketch has view boundaries overlapping it, selection may be a real challenge.

To get around this, you can either move the view(s) out of the way or Right click somewhere > Hi,


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You are spot on, that enabled me to sort it out.

MANY thanks !

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Glad that did the trick; however, I forgot to mention one additional way to make the "focus" selection.

If it's tough to select underneath the views (which may have largely overlapping boundaries) in the drawing viewport, then the "Sheet" can be picked in the Feature Manager and, with a right mouse button click, the option to "lock focus" can be set. (This, of course, works for the various views listed in the Feature Manager as well.)

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