HELP!!--"model in rollback state, drawing inaccessible"

I've got two files open--a part and its drawing. After working on the stupid thing for the last couple hours, it now suddenly decides that the model's in roll back (which it's not!) and won't let me do anything (including save) with the drawing.

Anybody got any theories? Any way to save this, or do I get to cuss for a while, and then come in tomorrow and do it all again?

2003, SP4
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A potentially interesting clue--it permits me to save, and even close the part file, but the drawing still insists that the part is in rollback

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I have had this happen before and I think Cussing is in order. Atleast try to save your parts. Remeber to check your backup copy to see if it is somehow further along than your end result. I wish I had a better answer.


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Corey Scheich

I think I had the same problems. Try to supress the base feature. Save. Reopen and unsupress all features.

HTH, Steve

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Steve Davis

Steve Davis quipped:

i'll second this. there is a way around it, which invoves suppressing again and unsuppressing. i never figured a pattern out that would work everytime tho.

appears you did. :)

-nick e.

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Nick E.

"Michael" wrote in news:vvlfb.28562$

Ctrl-Q in the part is the first thing to try. If that doesn't work, edit definition or edit sketch on something and then rebuild.

SW thinks you're editing something in that part, so you've got to get it to convince itself that its not editing anything.


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You're a genius! thanks

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