Photoworks material, texture, light layout, and environment sharing repository...

I'm wondering how many of you guys and gals would be interested in a file sharing repository for PhotoWorks materials and environments, and light sources, etc.

I think it would be great, and I have some things I would share.

I think this would help out quite a bit, especially since some of the PhotoWorks 2 materials are lacking in realism in my opinion.

Any thoughts?

Perhaps it exists already...

--Matt Schroeder

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Matt Schroeder
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Sure would add alot more capability. Especially to those of us who only get to dabble in it, not enough to figure out how to make really good material files.


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Corey Scheich

I think SW just needs to support the lwa format - there are loads of material files downloadable in lwa from

formatting link
. Presumably it would be quite easy for them to support it as I understand photoworks is based on lightworks.


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Twin Bird

Twin Bird wrote on 5.10.2003 4:27

"was" based on...

PW2 is now based on Mental Ray from Mentalimages. ( )

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Just bringing this up again for those who may not have seen it.

I can't imagine that more people wouldn't be interested in sharing materials and rendering setups.

--Matt Schroeder

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Matt Schroeder

I thought it was an excellent idea, however, we don't use PhotoWorks here. Put it together, though.


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Wayne Tiffany

Well, since you have a lot of engineers here, it's not something most of them relate. It's a good idea and I'm sure if one of us starts a page which includes scenes or material files,... I'm sure SW Corp will them say,... HMM? that is a good idea, maybe we should include a site page????

I appreciate some of what MRay has helped in adding realism but part of me does not want a page because personally I'm not satisfied with PW2 or Animator and I feel like it would be rewarding/accepting them when in fact they are STILL LACKING,....wait, wait,....


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Paul Salvador

I'm a mechanical designer, and do a lot of drafting, (Which BTW, 2003 has really improved upon the 2D aspect.) but recently got a job where I can cross over into more artistic areas with PhotoWorks and animator.

Paul, interesting thoughts on the current status of PhotoWorks. I tend to agree, but I do like the direction they took it away from lightworks. I think the issue I have with it is that there just is not enough of the core program's (Mental Ray) features and controls included in PhotoWorks 2, and the included materials really stink. At least the metals and some of the glasses and plastics do.

From what I see of Mental Ray, it seems to be close to top notch in rendering.

One thing I will say is that animation with it is extremely time and processor cycle consuming even at lower quality settings. This has to change in a big way. I'm sure that's not easy. I remember running PovRay renderings that took 2 days and more on a 386, and I understand the brute force issues with raytracing, but something there has to be opened up for speed.

I would prefer that PhotoWorks 2 was able to be farmed out onto low cost server farms, but I see that Mental Ray charges for a license per processor... That's unacceptable to carry this over into SolidWorks in my thinking.

Well I may hold off on creating a site for PhotoWorks resources...

--Matt Schroeder

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Matt Schroeder

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