Mass production of Photoworks materials

I have a plastic material that I'd like to have in many colors.
Does anyone know of a way to assign RGB values to photoworks materials
in a batch?
I tried making heads or tails of the photoworks .p2m file, and it seems
as though the colors are spec'd in a set of three numbers, where max
value is 1.
I suppose I could make an excel spreadsheet to tell me RGB numbers in a
fraction of 255 being 1.0 then manually key in all the numbers in my
new material files.
Just wondering what others have done here...
--Matt Schroeder
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Matt Schroeder
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PhotoWorks does have an API and you can write macros to work with PW. You may be able to construct a macro to do this? FYE might know the answer to this one?
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Rock Guy
I use Irfan View to do that sort of thing. It's free and relatively easy to use. Not as slick as using a macro, but easier than writing a macro.
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Matt, I assume you do this with your materials that you make from raster images?
Mine are simply altered SolidWorks materials, clear plastic that I'm having good luck with. I've been asked to do some renderings with a few dozen different colors.
I'm trying to automate this, mostly for my own educational reasons, but partly because I see myself doing this more often.
--Matt Schroeder
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Matt Schroeder
another possibilty might be through configs. Since PW materials can now be controlled configs, that might make it a bit easier than trying to get into the coding and excel stuff.
Just a thought
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