Export to DWG Bug?

I think I found a bug in SW2006 sp3.1.
1. Take an assembly, and create a drawing (insert at least one view)
2. Make an Excel-based BOM for that assembly.
3. File-->Save As--> DWG (AutoCAD) format.
Now, does it completely perform the SaveAs, or does it hang when it
tries to open the embedded BOM (not sure why)?
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Although I don't use Excel based BOMs, I have experienced hangs when working with Excel blocks in drawings. From what I can see, SolidWorks gets stuck trying to exit the embedded Excel block. Originally, it seemed that rebooting was the only option, but I now kill SolidWorks from the Task Manager when this problem arises. Somehow, killing SolidWorks closes out the incomplete Excel task and lets me proceed. Of course, I have to restart SolidWorks and redo any work that had not been saved.
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John Eric Voltin
I'm experiencing the same thing with the SaveAs problem - it's like SW will open the embedded spreadsheet, then won't exit it to complete the process. I can finish it manually by simply clicking outside the spreadsheet region, but this is not a solution for me since this is being done with a macro.
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