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When I export a SW drawing to DWG, the text font changes to "SWText". Is there any way to change this font ? Or am I doomed to always have the SWText-font in DWG:s ?

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Ilkka Loponen
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Best way I have found around this is to create an *.dwg in Autocad with all your border, scale, layers, styles ect and save it as *.dwg I called mine "sw_import.dwg" and make it read only. Do the normal save as *.dwg inside SW (best to remove borders) to your file name of choice

*.dwg. Open your "swimport.dwg" with Acad and insert your saved SW.dwg as a block ( file name cannot contain any spaces) , position, scale and explode. All fonts, dims ect should be per your sw_import.dwg, the only thing you may have to do is align your layer correctly with the drawing entities. As it is read only you will have to save as a differnt name thus preserving your *.dwg template. Hope this helps.
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Hi There-

Option 1 - output to R12 DWG format if your annotation & geometry can tolerate this (some stuff not supported & therefore a natural "filter").

Option 2 - Live with it -> where I'm at today

Option 3 - Acad Technique - Use modify properties & filter to select all text and modify all text properties to STANDARD. PURGE unused SWtext from dwg.

Option 4 - DXF Text Technique - Output to DXF - Do global replace of "SWtext" with "Standard" in a text editor and read in to ACAD. Accomplishes the same as above but prior to read in.

I hate this too, by the way. SW to acad is not to good on the acad end.

Also note that the mentioned pre-made-template-then-input-SWdwg is great for getting the dimstyles, text size and so on right (or even better just start a drawing from a prototype you like), but will not purge the "SWtext" definition as it is in use in the inserted block.



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Sean-Michael Adams

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