Sheet format SNAFU in sw2004 DWG export?

Trying to export dwg sheets like I've done a zillion times.
First time using sw2004SP1 drawing and it seems to have no
awareness of sheet format when making dwg export. Swx drawing
and pdf export are making D-landscape sheets correctly, dwg export
is making A-portrait.
Any ideas?
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bill allemann
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Strange one. I have no problem with SP1.0. In fact I just finished exporting a drawing to .dwg.
As for what's wrong, I can only guess that something is going wrong with 1:1 scaled output. Only a guess, I'm afraid.
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Dale Dunn
Hi Dale I hadn't checked the box for Scaled Output. That did the trick. I don't know if that's ever been in the options before, but if so, I've never needed to use it on prior versions. thanks bill
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bill allemann

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