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Hi Does anyone know if there is a program which will reload sheet format to all drawings in a folder?. It shall be the same size, our problem is that we have added some information to our drawing and would it on all drawings.

Kind regards Klaus Sabroe

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Klaus Sabroe
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I don't know if you are into programming, so this may or may not be helpfull.

A VB program could scroll through a folder, open each file, one at a time, reload the sheet format, save and close the file. Relatively straight forward, just set the folder list to open the parent folder where you have your files.

I believe VBA will do it as well, but I use VB as it is much more flexible and not so dependant on SolidWorks

-- Tony O'Hara Melbourne, Australia.

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Tony O'Hara

Hi Tony

No, unfortunately I'am not into programming. I was just wondering if somebody once made a program, which he/she will share. Sometimes people will share very good stuff.

Kin regards. Klaus

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Klaus Sabroe

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