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I have SW drawing files with multiple sheets. We print these as PDF files once complete. One dept. would like the sheet format to be hidden. I can't just delete the format because these documents are used elsewhere and the title blocks etc. are essential. It's easy enough to create the extra copy without the title blocks by going to the sheet properties and un-checking the display sheet format, but this has to be done sheet by sheet. Is there a way to accomplish this task with one click instead going per sheet?

I have been able to ctrl select more than one sheet but when I right click, properties it only brings up one sheet. Is it possible to select all and change properties or am I S.O.L.?

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One option would require a little setting up. But would make this very easy on all future drawings.

Create a new drawing and edit the sheet format. Select ALL entities on the sheet format and change them to put them on their own unique layer. Save it as your drawing template so that future drawings will behave properly. Also, save the sheet format.

In the existing drawings, reload the sheet format on all of the sheets. This is the tedious part. But I think there are macros available to automate this process. Once this is done, all you have to do is hide the appropriate layer and the sheet format will be hidden on all sheets.

I do something similar here already and it works great. But instead of having ALL sheet format entities on a unique layer, I only have the customer information in the title block on its own "Customer" layer. That way when we send work out to other vendors, all I have to do is hide this layer to create a PDF.

Hope this helps.

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Seth Renigar

Thanks! Not only would that solve my current issue, I believe I could use that concept for a few other things too.

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