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I have $PRP:"SW-Short Date" in out sheet format border to place today's date. This works great but has always bugged me that if you opened the drawing on a later date this field would change. Is there a 'automatic' way to accomplish the same thing but make make the field a string so that only when the sheet format is first selected the date will update?

thanks, Jeff

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In short NO.

I set up my template to have the text for the create date and the Dwn By as named notes through a macro. Then when anyone creates a new drawing I have the macro run automatically and get the user name and short date and enter them into the appropraite fields. It would be better done as an Add-In though since It doesn't keep running if any other macros end because of a bug in them or if you are editing another macro and hit stop.


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Kent had that feature in his Custom Property Manager - a "Created Date" button that would assign the date that would not update automatically

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