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I'm new to SW, so please be extra detailed with any help you may offer.

I'm trying to create my drawing title blocks, SW calls these "sheet fomats." Mine need 2 unique pages (sheets) or title blocks. Page 1 is the full title block. Page 2 is essentially the same, but the title block has been "slimmed down" to only a few key pieces of information. Can I create my 2nd page in the same "sheet format" file? I've tried it a few times and it seems to only save the page I was working on at the time of the save. In other words, I'll get either page 1 or page

  1. When I test it out and I add a 2nd sheet to a part drawing, I always get the exact same title block that showed on sheet 1. Does SW do what I'm trying to accomplish? If so, how do I need to proceed to accomplish this? If not, how can I create a reasonable work around?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.



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lar, You'll need to set up separate sheet formats for p1, p2 (slddrt). Once have them both set up, save them separately by selecting each sheet and doing file/save format... with two distinct names (henceforth P1, P2) to some appropriate location (if you're in a multi- user environment you probably want that to keep all your customized stuff in a centrally accessible location on your server). Load P1 into a drwdot template and save that to the same place; make sure SW is pointed at the correct template directory (tools/options/file locations/document templates). When you make drawings, the drwdot provides P1 for each drawing. If you need a second page, add a sheet. If you set up the template directory correctly, you'll see a list of your saved formats without having to browse; just select P2 to use that format on the second (and third, and...) page. Hope that helps,


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I will add to what mark said by saying that if you will always (or regularly) need a 2 sheet drawing, you can create a 2 sheet drawing template. You can have it set up with your choice of sheet formats on both sheets.

After you have created your sheet format files (slddrt), simply start a new drawing and set your desired sheet format for sheet #1. Then add a sheet and set your desired sheet format for sheet #2. Then save this as a drawing template.

The only issue that may be a problem that I can think of is that when started new, this drawing template will by default have those sheet formats (sheet sizes) loaded by default. If you always use the same size sheet formats, then this shouldn't be any issue. If you regularly use various sheet sizes, you would probably be better off simply using a single sheet drawing template and adding the 2nd sheet as and when needed.


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