SolidWorks To DXF/DWG Mapping, not used much?

Issues I noticed after an hour of messing with it:
I can't see the numbers on the "Color Mapping" tab past 99 in the dxf
column, didn't anyone notice this?
Where are the "SolidWorks Colors" coming from in that column?
How come there is no choice to choose "ByLayer" for a color for the
text in an annotation, you can pick "none" or "default" but when
exporting, in AutoCAD, text color in annotations are "white",
'ByLayer' would be better.
Continuous is listed by default for layer 0 in the "Define Layers" tab
but I can't choose it for other layers, only certain line types are
listed, how can I add more?
Jogged leaders are listed as an entities to map but regular leaders
are not listed, I didn't notice them, why wouldn't they be there?
OK, I hope I am not the only one out there trying to match a company
standard directly from SW to AC, but I may be. Any help or suggestions
are appreciated. It seems that this tool- SW to DWG conversions is
very generic and rather not planned very well trying to imitate a real
world conversion of entities to someones AutoCAD standard of layering.
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Joe Sloppy
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I forgot to add, WHERE in the WORLD do I control width factor in SW, Drawing text, I can do this in AC simply enough, I can import width controlled text into a SW drawing and copy and paste it all over the place, but when I try to add my own text like ROMANS and control the width, no luck, I don't now how.
I learned an cool tip if its not possible, like I said, import your own narrower or wider text font from AC and then add to you favorites in the drawing, works with dims too. BUT it would be nice for SW to control this somehow since I it can import and export narrower font without a problem.
ONE MORE annoying thing, how come I have 10 different dims styles and 10 different text styles when most of them are exactly the same, is it also possible to control this or the naming of dim and text styles when exporting?
I ask a lot don't I?
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Joe Sloppy
What version of SolidWorks are you using? I believe at least some of this is available in 2007
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