Conversion to dwg question...

I have a particular client who uses AutoCAD, and it was agreed upon that
upon completetion of the project and after final changes, that they recieve
CAD files for the entire job. I have no problem with this as they are
paying for it, however I have always used Word for my standard notes instead
of a text box. They are complaining about the files because acording to
them I "cut and pasted" my notes on the CAD drawings as it appears in
AutoCAD as a Word document, and they want them I guess as editable AutoCAD
text/notes. (God I hate when Autocrap users live in thier little box and
think that's the way the whole world works?!)
Is there anyway to "save as" a dwg and have the word document convert to
text, as if you had typed them in a text box? I have 30+ drawings that
have a lot of notes & testing procedures, etc that have tabs, margins and
everything set up, and it'll be a PITA to redo them all (even cut & pasting)
Thanks for the help - I've never had a problem regarding this with anyone in
the past unitl now, so I humbly turn to my fellow users for insight. Maybe
save as a older version instead of the latest AutoCAD? (I'll try that now,
but I don't think it'll work)
Thanks again...
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