Adding editable blocks of text

Currently using ACAD 2007.
I have created a Word document that has a large number of standard notes
set-up in numbered paragraphs.
This Word document has then been copied into an ACAD template drawing for
use with future projects.
In total the notes take up 4 drawings.
The idea is to then edit these notes by opening the Word document from
within ACAD, as not all notes are needed for each project.
All this works quite OK but not perfectly. For example, when I delete a
paragraph the following paragraphs are re-numbered, which is what would be
expected in Word.
But of course this process has it's shortcomings as it doesn't always work
perfectly each time and it takes a lot of time and if you have ever used MS
Word it can have a mind of it's own.
I then tried to see if I could add all the notes directly into ACAD using
Mtext. This had very disappointing outcomes. ACAD wouldn't even recognize
some of the blocks of text even after double-clicking etc. They appeared
greyed out. You would have to select a number of separate paragraphs to
eventually open the text you wanted to edit.
I would have hoped by now that ACAD would have a really useful text editor
that would act similar to say MS Word in that I could set-up a large number
of indexed paragraphs (just like Word) and then edit/delete them as I wished
to create the final set of notes drawings. All without having to use a
second software package like Word.
Is there a better way to set-up notes drawings with editable text?
How do others deal with notes drawings?
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You'd get some better advice if you posted to the Autodesk AutoCAD NG's
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Word2Cad from Dotsoft
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