pdf to dxf ,dwg

am looking for a free program to download that will convert pdf to dwg or dxf, so my cad pdf files can be edited

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sal kirjoitti:




Editing might be tricky with both solutions...

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Markku Lehtola

Couldn't you just bring it into Illustrator and Save-As dxf??? Assuming of course you have Illustrator. If not just ask.


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My first question is why aren't you editing the original files instead of saved .pdfs? Are they someone else's original drawings perhaps, or is your CAD software out of date?

Out of curiosity I tried the Illustrator idea, to find out whether this editing method was possible. Illustrator does open the files, and they do come in vector-based and editable, however the resulting exported .dxf and .dwg files gave me mixed results (Use File, Export... not File, Save As...BTW for saving .dwg and .dxf files from Illustrator). I tried opening both .dwg/.dxf files saved from Illustrator in SolidWorks 2006 first, and then in AutoCAD 2004. SolidWorks actually opened the .dwg when AutoCAD wouldn't, however both files came in exactly the same, with dimensions upside down and the whole drawing rather scrambled. AutoCAD had errors with the .dwg file, and wouldn't even open it, but the .dxf looks pretty darn good actually, and even has editable text. This would still be a terribly tedeious way to do drawing editing on a large scale, but might work in a pinch if you're desperate.

So much for .pdfs being read-only as many people believe! I suppose there are very few (if any) digital files which are immune from manipulation with the right tools.


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